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Beard Oil, Facial Serum, Cologne

Beard Oil -- Dude, cut the drama, not your beard! Allow a bit of pampering to enhance your beard experience. Our Beard Oil will calm dry, itchy skin and smooth away any stray whiskers. It easily absorbs into your skin while conditioning your beard. The essential oils of Cedarwood, Tangerine and Frankincense add a pleasing scent. 1 oz.

Beard Oil $18


Eau-De-Colognes -- Choose your signature scent from our 3 roll on Eau-de-Cologne combinations. We've chosen to blend pure essential oils with Camellia Seed and Sunflower oils for a smooth gliding application. .35 oz

Lavender Eau-de-Cologne $9.00

Patchouli & Ylang Ylang Eau-de-Cologne $9.00

Neroli & Rosewood Eau-de-Cologne $9.00



6-Slice Sampler 6-Slice Sampler

6-SLICE SOAP SAMPLER - 11 oz.: This sampler package is ideal for the person who can't decide which scent of bar soap to choose.  Package is assembled as shown with assorted six scents.


3-SOAP GIFT BOXES - Each reusable gift box is adorned with a vintage postcard and includes repurposed ribbons, recyclable packaging materials and a gift tag. Customize each gift with your favorite 3 scents (indicate your 3 scent choices in the "Special Instructions" section at the end of your order).

CB Gift Package

#1 = "Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound" $32 - HOLIDAY SALE @ $28.00

CB Gift Package

#2 = Merry Christmas Collage $32 - HOLIDAY SALE @ $28.00

Eco Soap BagsEco Soap BagEco Soap Bag

ECO-BAG: Scrub up with your soap naturally tucked into an open weave cotton soap bag, with drawstring closure. One side is an open mesh. The reverse side is a denser weave, soft like a washcloth.