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Conscious Bath Soap Bars

What began as an interest in making homemade soap from organic ingredients for our family quickly escalated into a passionate desire to share these quality products on a larger scale. Like yours, our family has always concerned ourselves with the effects of our personal choices on the larger population, animals and the planet. We seek out organic ingredients, we grow a vegetable garden, we compost our produce and yard waste, we are careful about our energy use, we car pool and conserve gasoline, we choose simplicity, we attempt to support the local economy by making purchases close to home, we’ve replaced windows and appliances with energy efficient models, and like you, we basically reduce, recycle and conserve wherever we can. We seriously take these matters to heart and are happy to do so. We’re doing the same things increasing numbers of Americans are doing across the country.

And, we’ve always been concerned about the mysterious ingredients listed on the labels of our cosmetics and bath products and became frustrated every time we tried to understand what these ingredients actually are as well as the effects they have on humans and the planet. It’s not easy to understand listings of ingredients that one cannot recognize, and even more frustrating when unable to find research data demonstrating the proven safety record of these ingredients, IF the ingredients are even listed on the label. What exactly is “fragrance” anyway? This information is difficult to obtain, let alone understand! So we decided to take matters into our own hands and began making our own soap using ingredients that we do understand, like certified organic Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter etc. This turned out to be very enjoyable and we couldn’t hold ourselves back from trying new recipes, ingredients and essential oils. The possibilities are endless but one family can only use so much soap!

Imagine the satisfaction we experienced as we became conscious of the fact that our soap not only incorporated high quality ingredients in the beginning, but the bubbles and suds that began exiting our home and returning to the water system were not contributing any harmful byproducts to the planet. We visualized the water traveling through our pipes to Milwaukee’s water treatment plant and eventually into Lake Michigan. We began asking ourselves, how much soap does our family of 5 consume in a typical week? How many bars of soap have we personally used in our lifetime without ever giving it a second thought? We couldn't even estimate the numbers!

Use of soap is simply a way of life in today’s society. Soap is a good thing--it keeps us clean and free from exposure to bacteria and viruses, elevating the health of human society tremendously over the centuries; and the scents are truly pleasing to the senses.   Soap does not HAVE to contain ingredients that contribute to the bio-accumulation of synthetic and harmful components in humans or nature. It is a choice that commercial soap companies make, based on profit margins and consumer confusion or indifference. We at The Conscious Bath  Company decided to incorporate soap made with organic ingredients into our daily lives and it’s been wonderful to realize the potential of this one simple choice and its’ impact on the health of our family, our water system and the planet in general.

We encourage you to become conscious of your choices too. Not all handcrafted soaps are the same. Expect Certified Organic ingredients from the products your family relies on. We desire to raise the standard for quality yet still have access to the products we've come to need and enjoy in a modern society.  To that aim, we hope you will enjoy our soaps as much as we enjoy making them!

Bathe Happily, Live Consciously!

Craig and Brenda Greuel

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