Green Links


Below are several links to some of our favorite organizations.  We hope you'll find them useful too.

The Environmental Working Group created an on-line accessible database called "Skin Deep" that consumers can go to free of charge to research products in the marketplace and receive a rating of the general safety of the product. The database can be searched by product, specific ingredients or manufacturer’s name. Visit
to begin the process of educating yourself about the products you voluntarily bring into your home for your family.

For more than 27 years, the Pesticide Action Network has worked to shed light upon the unsetting effects of using pesticides and petro-chemically derived fertilizers in the farming industry, practices that have been mass introduced into the industry over the past 70 years. PAN developed a searchable database to bring this information into the public eye in an effort to help consumers gain insight into the issues without necessitating we all become experts on toxicology. It’s an eye-opening glimpse into the chemical industry of which most of us are understandably ignorant.

Costa Rica Natural is the first company in the history of the paper industry to create and market treeless paper of a superior quality. Every page of Costa Rica Natural™ Ecopaper is smooth, acid-free, durable, chemical-free, and made in the lush mountains of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Natural has developed an innovative and economically feasible option for the removal of the 230,000 tons of agro-industrial waste that are dumped yearly in Costa Rica alone. Conscious Bath is pleased to utilize their Coffee Paper for our soap labels and business cards and office use.  Check out their in-depth website to to learn more about this amazing company.

Local First Milwaukee LogoThe Conscious Bath Company is a proud member of Local First Milwaukee.  Local First Milwaukee is a business alliance that advocates for locally owned businesses that provide a genuine, quality experience – in celebration of our community’s unique character.

The Conscious Bath Company is a proud member of the Green Products Alliance.  The goal of Green Products Alliance is to cooperatively promote and advertise natural personal care products and to articulate a higher standard of NATURAL in the Personal Care Industry.